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iBelong is an eNewsletter provider with a revolutionary twist!

We offer a unique platform that enables publishers to dynamically package and distribute unlimited editions of their content to people with varied interests.

With our solutions, you build loyalty, target your audience with relevant content, and introduce a tool set that can be leveraged to address many of your marketing communications challenges.  Our solutions and services are forged on a foundation of innovative technologies, experienced people and perfected methodologies. We help you engage your audience by providing the infrastructure you'll need to manage your network.

What  if you could engage customers on consistent basis with software that easily plugs into your existing website and content management system?  Let us help you get there.

  • Get more page views and visitors
  • Improve targeting and relevance of communications
  • Lower costs of reader acquisition and retention
  • Build community through better content sharing
  • Easy and affordable implementation and maintenance

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and services.

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